Squirrel Baffles Dome

Crystals SKU: BFS721
Squirrel Baffles Dome

Squirrel Baffles Dome

Crystals SKU: BFS721
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Universal bird feeder feeding station baffle clear poly-carbonate plastic dome stop squirrels and vermin stealing bird feed. This smooth and slippery round shape dome helpful to prevent squirrels and other predators from reaching bird feeders and can also be used with bird feeding poles and other feeders (does not come with hook).

  • Round shape clear dome designed to stop squirrels climbing up poles to your bird feeder and creates a surface they just can't grip on to the feeder and poles
  • Made from hard wearing poly-carbonate plastic material
  • It has features with a tightening key which helps to use even thin diameter pole
  • Place under your bird feeder to stop squirrels climbing upwards AND Prevent squirrels from reaching bird feeding stations
  • Dimensions/Size: Size Approx H 17cm x W 40cm x D 40cm (approx.)

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