Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub

Lay Z Spa SKU: BW60013 + CH0018
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub
Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub

Inflatable Air Jets Hot Tub

Lay Z Spa SKU: BW60013 + CH0018
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The Lay-Z-Spa Paris, the first spa in the Lay-Z-Spa range featuring a multi-coloured LED lighting system, that can also be controlled with a wireless remote, is the perfect way to unwind and relax. The Paris can display seven different colours, offering you ambient mood lighting which can be changed to match any occasion. The Paris comfortably fits four to six people at one time, allowing you to share the Paris experience with friends and family. It also features a rapid heating system, which can reach a blissful 40 degree Celsius. 

  • Digital Control Panel and Heat Timer - The Lay-Z-Spa Paris features a Digital Control Panel to make operating your spa easy. Simply set the temperature you desire (up to 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F) and activate the Lay-Z-Spa Massage Airjet System for a relaxing spa experience. Along with this, a Time controlled heater unit allows you to schedule activation and duration of your heater pump.
  • Large Capacity - The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is appropriate for relaxing with family, partying with friends or a romantic evening with your loved one, as it can easily fit 4-6 adults.
  • Special Multi-Coloured LED Lights Function - Transform the lighting to match your desired atmosphere with the Multicolour LED Lighting System. Using the wireless remote you can differentiate between the seven colours or set them to auto colour change mode. From blissful blues to romantic reds you have the power to match your mood.
  • Blissful, Relaxing Air-Jet System - The Lay-Z-Spa Paris is built with a relaxing and invigorating an Air Jet Massage System, made up of 87 all-surrounding air jets allowing you to drift away on a cloud of bubbles while the airjets provide a gentle massage, perfect after a stressful day. This experience will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated whether it's a cold winters day or a nice summers evening
  • Sturdy Materials - Designed with a sturdy I-Beam construction, the Lay-Z-Spa Paris offers both durability and a soft cushioning structure to relax into. Its soft, insulating floor ensures that from start to finish, your Lay-Z-Spa experience becomes your daily escape from the world.
  • Easy to Maintain - All Lay-Z-Spas include a water filtration system to help keep your water clear. It is still essential to use spa chemicals to maintain safe and healthy water. It is recommended to use Clearwater Chemicals, which are designed specifically for use with Lay-Z-Spa. Chemicals are not included.
  • Included:
    • Spa pump
    • Spa Liner (tub)
    • Inflatable lid
    • Leatheroid cover (Top and Bottom)
    • Filter Cartridge
    • ChemConnect Dispenser
    • Repair Kit
    • Led Strip Lights
    • Remote Control
    • AirJet System
  • Specific Features:
    • Item No: 541418
    • Capacity: 4-6 adults
    • Water Capacity (80%): 945L (250gal)
    • Inflated Size: 1.96cm x 66cm (77" x 26")
    • Filled Weight: 1,215kg (2,678lb)
    • Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 2050W at 20°C
    • Actual Water Flow: >1,325L/H(>350gal/h)
    • Rapid Heating System: approx. 1.5-2 °C/h (3-4 °F/h)
    • Max. Heat Capability: 40°C (104°F)
    • Certification: CE/EMC/GS Approved
    • Box Dimensions & Weight: 39.3kg (86.6lb)
    • Extendable 1 year warranty


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